Expedition Overview

The marine protected area of Cabo Pulmo is a truly miracle of the Mother Nature. It’s a place where the marine life is incredibly abundant. Every dive will surprise you and will give you the sensation of being part of the fish school! The huge school of jacks, or the large numbers of bull sharks, will leave you amazed!

Expedition Team

Giacomo and Mariel, integral members of our expedition team at Baja Underwater Expeditions, bring forth their extensive experience in scuba diving, particularly within the pristine marine park of Cabo Pulmo. With a wealth of knowledge and collaborative efforts with local dive guides, they curate a superlative diving experience, ensuring that every underwater exploration is not only safe and memorable but also deeply enriching.

Dates & Prices

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Giacomo / Mariel
Cabo Pulmo

Probable wildlife encounter

  • Bull Shark
  • Big eye Jack
  • Dolphins
  • White tip reef Shark
  • Grouper
  • Sealions
  • Occasionally Whales and whale shark

What's Included

Round trip transportation by van from La Paz to Cabo Pulmo(4 hrs each way)
Lodge accommodation in Cabo Pulmo / double occupancy. Private room option. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments. Certified guide.

  • Land Transportation Round La Paz- Cabo Pulmo
  • Snack on board
  • Scuba Dive activities
  • Lodge accommodation in Cabo Pulmo double occupancy.

What's not Included

  • Dive equipment
  • Tips
  • Meals